Spa Packages & Services.

Please view our wide array of spa services that we offer at Salon Disalvo.

Facial Treatments

a progressive, non-invasive treatments the propels natural mineral crystals onto the surface of the skin for a gentle epidermal abrasion that reveals newer, healthier, younger skin. Ideal for sun damage, uneven hyperkerantinized and granual skin, comedons, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, mild to moderate acne scars, minor surgical scars, mild to moderate stretch marks.

Anti-Aging Facial 
helps to reduce the signs of aging and prevent further damage

Deep Cleaning Facial 
gives a nice refreshing cleanse to the skin, pores and follicles, to reduce dead skin build up, pore size, and blemishes

Anti -Acne Facial 
reduces the size and redness of pustules and papules, promotes healthy non-scaring healing and helps prevent further breakouts

Hydration Facial 
gives life and brightness to dull skin, feeds skin the nutrients and hydration it needs

Vitamin C Facial 
the’ cure all’ of skin treatments. Vitamin C helps to reduce and remove pigmentation, scarring, fine lines, wrinkles and acne. Great treatment for pre-wedding treatment as it brightens and gives a healthy glow

Eye Lifted Treatment 
feeds, hydrate and soothes the eye area to give an instant ‘lift’ and brightening effect

Body Treatments

Swedish Relaxation Massage 
30min or 60 min 
melt away tension and stress, as our technician uses soothing relaxation techniques to relax your tired muscles

Hot Stone Massage 
a warm soothing treatment using hot stones to help sooth your tired muscles

Body Glow 
a full body exfoliation the unveil your healthy fresh skin followed by an oil hydration treatment which leaves your skin glowing and beautiful

Baltic Mud Wrap 
Lay back and enjoy a full body application of Baltic Silt, cocooning and soothing hot towel removal. detoxifies and removes impurities, feeds and hydrates the skin

Complete Body Treatment 
a full body exfoliation, followed with detoxifying Baltic mud wrap and finished with a hydrating treatment massaged onto your

Tired Leg Treatment 
enjoy a leg massage with a blend of essentials oils that help stimulate blood and lymphatic flow, followed by an energising mask with a hot towel removal.

Hand & Foot Treatments

Spa Manicure 
smoothes and even out nail length and shape, cleans up cuticle area, soothing hand and arm massage, finished with application of your choice of polish.

Spa Pedicure 
have a seat in our massage chairs and soak your feet in our jet tubs, while we even out and smooth nail length and shape, clean cuticle area, remove unwanted callus from soles of feet, exfoliate feet and lower leg with a sugar scrub, massage foot and lower leg, finishing with application of polish

Hot Stone Treatment 
a soothing treatment using hot stones to help sooth your tired muscles. can be added to either manicure or pedicure and great when followed with a paraffin treatment

Paraffin Treatment 
a soothing treatment using warm hydrating wax the envelopes either hand or foot to sooth bone aches, muscular pain and hydrates and feeds the skin. Great when coupled with a hot stone treatment. can be added to either manicure or pedicure

Polish Application 
when you just need a little colour in your life


Using our specialty wax line we are able to customize your waxing experience to best remove your un wanted hair as well as leve your skin happy and healthy.

We offer all waxing services to both male and females

helps lift and open the eye area

Upper Lip 
remove unwanted upper lip hair

remove unwanted chins hairs

helps give a smooth and defined cheek area, contours face

gives a clean and smooth neck

shows off definition in the chest and removes unwanted hair

removes unwanted hair from back, leaves skin refreshed and smooth

best way to remove unwanted hair as it stops the ‘shadow’ look that shaving gives

Full Arm 
arms appear smooth and soft

Half Arm 
removes unwanted forearm hair

show off the stomach definition

removes all pubic hair that would show when wearing bikini bottoms

removes all pubic hair from front to back, leaving you fresh and smooth

Full Leg 
leaves legs feeling smooth and when hair returns its soft to the touch

Half Leg 
removes hair from either the thigh or calf and always includes the knee


Eye brow Tinting 
gives colour to hard to see eyebrows, or adjusts your colour to help blend your hair colour, gives shape and definition to you r brows

Eyelash Tinting 
helps to make your eyes stand out and give depth to your lashes

Lash Extensions

Full Lash Extensions 
from subtle to dramatic, lash extensions help to show off your eyes. Full sets are applied from corner to corner or your eyes with either flairs or singles to give length and volume to your lashes.

Partial Lash Extensions 
often used in the outer corners of the eyes to give and up lifted look to the eyes.

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